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Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf

A bright and sunny evening in June (for 2019 thats amazing!!) and we went to the Crazy Golf at St Nicholas’Park in Warwick.

Its a par 3 course, and many a keen professional gofer has fallen foul of the bunker.

We had a mix of scores, and the following people got a hole in one:

Pat, Anita, Marcos, Craig Moon, Craig Crawford, Nathaniel, Paul , and Gary.

And Marie had 2 Holes in one – but she kept it all very low key..

The best scores were:

Danny and Paul on 58

This means that Craig Moon on 54, so Craig  Moon wins the Scotty cup.

Craig the winner
Craig the winner
Golf 2019 - dangerous
Golf 2019 – dangerous
Golf 2019 the afterparty
Golf 2019 the afterparty



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  1. Hi all, must say it was a great night at the crazy golf. Craig Moon played very well and was a worthy winner. Well done to all who played. Had a good time at the pub afterwards. Thanks to Chris and Bev for the pictures. C&M.

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