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March Commitee Meeting

Committee Meeting

We had our March Commitee meeting in the Board Room (The Millwright Arms) on the 25th.

The main agenda item was planning the events for the second half of the year. As part of this, we will be asking our members to vote on where we go for Turkey and Tinsel this year at our next Club night on the 4th of April. So if you are reading this, then you are ahead of the game., thinking caps on….. (Marie – No The Maldives is not on the cards…. )

We have a few ideas for events at the centre, more information to come, as we co-opt speakers….

And as a bit of a heads up, we are also planning to go to the national Phab day out at Wicksteed Park, and will be asking our members who is coming … Busy and exciting times ahead for this year!!!!



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  1. Another successful committee meeting. Lots of exciting things happening for the club. Lots of laughs too at the meeting. Thank again to the committee members. Craig and Marie.

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