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Turkey Tinsel 2023

Turkey Tinsel

Well… that was a weekend  !!!

We went to LLandudno again (2nd year in a row), and the overall description is that a great time was had by all – not just us, but apparently everyone else in the hotel as well…

Leamington PHAB were on the dancefloor from the moment that music started to the very end of the night. We were told that ‘You Bring the Party!!!’ and yes we definitely do.

we met a load of really nice people at the Hotel, and a special mention goes to ‘Adrian’s Angels’ who were great sports.

now to plan next year !!!

Leamington PHAB - TT 2023
Leamington PHAB – TT 2023
Adrians Angels - TT 2023
Adrians Angels – TT 2023

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