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Bob Lapworth

Anna and Bob

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Bob Lapworth died last  Thursday evening after a long illness. He will be very much missed throughout the whole of PHAB and particularly by the clubs in the Midlands region whom he supported as a Trustee on the PHAB Board over several years.

We will always remember Bob as a great friend of Leamington PHAB, he served as both our Chairman in the past as well as a ‘font of all knowledge’ for us, and he supported us throughout the many changes in both our club and the members lives.

We will miss Bob both in person and in spirit, as he was always one of the most positive people we knew.

Despite his health issues, he was always happy to chat, and regale us with funny snippets and happenings from his long history with PHAB.

We were lucky to have Bob along at our last ‘Turkey Tinsel’ outing (2019) to Weston-Super-Mare and he was, as always, great company and made time to listen to and chat with, everyone.

The picture here is of Bob and our patron Anna Turney when they were at the Radio station about to go on air and talk about PHAB in general, and Leamington PHAB in particular – and as always with Bob, yes, there is a funny story here as well …

Bob – thank you, and we will miss you.

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