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Bones Night…..

Bones Night was a great evening, Hannah gave a very animated description of the bones in the human body, aided by her glamourous assistant – Adam….

We then set up 4 teams, and had a quiz – the results were incredibly close:

Team ‘Boneless’ scored 9 out of 10, and there was an initial tie for first place with ‘The Rib Ticklers’, ‘Humerus Gang’ and the ‘Body Snatchers’ all scoring 10 out of 10…. This left a final question as a Tie Break, and the ‘Body Snatchers’ clinched it…. A close call….

Thank you to Hannah for a great description of the bones, to Adam for being so patient and to everyone for participating, I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did…


Hannah and Adam
Hannah and Adam


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  1. Hi there, just to say that we had a FAB time at PHAB bones night. Well done Hannah you did a great job in making it very interesting. It was good to see Marcos and Jane at PHAB last night. Hope to see much more of them in the future. Craig and Marie.

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