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Last Bowling Outing of 2019


What a great evening –  for our last Bowling outing of 2019 we took over 4 lanes and played 2 games…. Great turnout, thanks all for coming, and we will definately get more Bowling in the agenda again next year.

Thanks to Tenpin Leamington for their help and assistance.

The winning team were Team 2 with 910 points across both games – congratulations to Sue P, Simon Le B, Anita, Danny and Beth.

We had a number of Strikes across all teams: Pat G, Kate, Anita, Danny, Chris, Paul and Adrian

The Top scorers were: Pat G, Sue P, Chris and Paul

The full results were:

Team 1

Marcos, Pat G, Bob, Heidi, Kate.

Strikes: Pat G, Kate

Total score: 861

Highest Individual Score: Pat G = 194

Team 2

Sue P, Simon Le B, Anita, Danny, Beth

Strikes: Anita, Danny

Total score: 910

Highest Individual Score: Sue P = 211

Team 3

Chris, Craig M, Sue B, Nathaniel

Strikes: Chris

Total score: 689

Highest Individual Score: Chris = 235

Team 4

Paul, Adrian, Natalie, Craig C

Strikes: Paul, Adrian

Total score: 758

Highest Individual Score: Paul = 207


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