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PHAB Leamington 2019 Turkey Tinsel Weekend

Turkey Tinsel

What a great weekend that was…. We arrived on a mildly damp Friday afternoon, and from the outset the hotel (The New Ocean) looked after us very well indeed, we all unpacked (well, opened suitcases), and then met in the bar where some of us went out to get the lay of the land and see what Weston-Super-Mare had to offer.

The food at the hotel was well received by everyone, there was a good selection for the evening meal and the breakfast was … well…. large (if you wished…).

There was entertainment laid on for both Friday and Saturday evening, this, naturally included a lot of dancing throughout… as well as the official Christmas Jumper event… and as you will see, it wasn’t just Christmas Jumpers – but a variety of head and eye wear….

Despite the occasional spot of rain, the Pier was visited by – we think – almost everyone.

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2019 Turkey Tinsel, and a special mention to Simon LB, who drove down just to see us for the saturday night – amazing, and great to see you… (he even had a round of applause when he arrived…)

Again, a special mention goes to Sue for organising the Hotel and doing such a great job….

Without wishing the year away, we are now planning the 2020 Turkey Tinsel – it’ll have to be pretty amazing to top this year…… any guesses where we may end up ?

Here are a few pictures of the weekend which we managed to take :

Weston - Daytime
Weston – Daytime
Shopping In Weston
Shopping In Weston
Weston - Night Time
Weston – Night Time
TT - Table 1
TT – Table 1
TT - Table 2
TT – Table 2
TT - Table 3
TT – Table 3
The gang
The gang
Dancefloor action 1
Dancefloor action 1


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  1. As seasoned T&T’s this rates as one of the best. Very hard act to follow. The weather tried but failed to stop us Phabbers enjoying ourselves. Got to be our favourite place, so easy to get to and the minibus was a big bonus. Non stop laughter both ways. Many thanks to all for a great weekend!!! C&M.

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